What is QuickBooks integration?

QuickBooks uses cloud technology. As a result, apps that you grant permission can read and update the data. QuickBooks integration is possible through QuickBooks’ Secure API. You can read all about it at Intuit Developer. Developers are able to build deep integrations with QuickBooks and could conceivably replicate most all of QuickBooks features.

How does Just Index Cards use QuickBooks integration?

Many apps make a copy of QuickBooks data and store it in their system. Since data is in separate systems, this can lead to stale and duplicate data. Just Index Cards uses a totally different approach and adheres to one of our guiding principals, single source of truth. JIC retrieves and updates QuickBooks information on an as-needed basis. For example, to display a list of customer transactions the list fetches from your QuickBooks account real-time. If you want to see a transaction detail, the pdf version fetches from QuickBooks. The same is true for time activities.

List of Time Activities

How deeply Just Index Cards integrates with QuickBooks?

As a business app Just index cards is unique in that it is not a stand alone! It works in conjunction with QuickBooks and is dependent on the QuickBooks integration.  Why, might you ask?  

First, one of the main uses of Just Index Cards is a lightweight CRM. So, this means that it is possible to associate each card with a QuickBooks Customer and/or Project.  The app allows for interaction with the QuickBooks customer’s contact info, sales transactions, and even entering time associated with a customer. You can track a sales lead and, once the sale happens, just index cards creates a QuickBooks customer from the lead.

Editing a lead

A very large number of small businesses use QuickBooks. QuickBooks holds all sorts of data about your business and customers. This makes QuickBooks a great single source of truth.  So, rather than building/maintaining a separate database of customers, transactions, etc. and adding cost and complexity to Just Index Cards. We decided that Just Index Cards would embrace QuickBooks as the source of truth for customer and project data.  Using QuickBooks’ secure API we are able to access QuickBooks data in realtime. Using this approach we created a system that works in conjunction with QuickBooks and has most of the functionality of larger complicated and costly CRM systems.

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